Suzanne Pleshette sexy – video

Hot Stuff 1979 english

In this comedy a trio of undercover government cops in Miami decide that it would be a good idea to open a bogus fencing ...

The Star Maker 1981 Suzanne Pleshette Rock Hudson Melanie Griffith 1

Part 2 is here Danny Youngblood (Rock Hudson) is a famed Hollywood director with a reputation ...

Sexy Marie McDonald Suzanne Pleshette The Geisha Boy

Marie McDonald and Suzanne Pleshette in the 1957 comedy The Geisha Boy - Learn more about Marie at ...

Suzanne Pleshette, 6-7-77

Sorry for any minor signal glitches on this video, over the air signal. Thanks, Ed P.

Suzanne Pleshette on how she'd like to be remembered - EMMYTVLEGENDS.ORG

See the full interview at

Sixties Blonde Bombshell Smoking

Tippi Hedren and Suzanne Pleshette enjoy their cigarettes in the Hitchcock classic The Birds.

Suzanne Pleshette sings a working girl's song in under a minute

Evidently if you ate enough NECCO WAFERS... you received a complimentary soundtrack to The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin.

Thin Ice - 1981 CBS Tuesday Night Movie

Made-for-TV A teacher (Kate Jackson) falls in love with her student (Gerard Prendergast), and has to deal with the fallout from ...

The joys of being a housewife, with Suzanne Pleshette, Mitzi Gaynor and Ted Knight.

Suzanne Pleshette sings a lovely number dedicated to her actual husband Tom Gallegher, and a cute sketch follows with Mitzi ...

Suzanne Pleshette NEWHART NYMPH

Was the producers' original choice for the role of Catwoman on the "Batman" (1966) TV show. When negotiations broke down, the ...

Mitzi Gaynor, Jane Withers and Suzanne Pleshette prove they are true WOMEN!

This is a splendid rendition of the Irving Berlin classic "The Girl That I Marry" along with Peggy Lee's smash hit "I'm A Woman" from ...

Suzanne Pleshette & Kevin McCarthy / "Summer Of Decision " (TV) 1959

A realistic look at social work interns in New York City. Cast also includes Nicholas Pryor.

Suzanne Pleshette Honored with Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

Actress Suzanne Pleshette is honored posthumously with a Star on the World Famous Hollywood Walk of Fame, January 31, ...

Suzanne Pleshette Knows How to Handle A Gun - The Wild Wild West - 1965

Only Miss Pleshette could coax seven shots from a six-shooter as she drives James West (Robert Conrad) out of her house with ...

Suzanne Pleshette in 40 Pounds Of Trouble 1962

Scenes of Suzanne Pleshette in 40 Pounds Of Trouble 1962 For the best quality vintage movie stills please visit: ...

Roddy Gets His Sexy On

Roddy McDowall's FIERCE retaliation video in response to Bobby Rydell thinking he was all sexy and hot stuff back in April!

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