Clara Bow sexy – video

Clara Bow Pre-Code Nude Swimming Scene

Clara Bow goes for a naked swim in the 1927 silent film Hula ~ Please visit my blog ...

Call Her Savage (1932) Clara Bow, Gilbert Roland, Thelma Todd

Sexy Texas gal storms her way through life, boozing and brawling until her luck runs out.

Clara Bow - She's Got It

Clips of Clara Bow's hit movie "It" (1927) set to a song written about her called 'She's Got It' by Harry Reaser.

GET YOUR MAN. Clara Bow 1927 Silent Romantic / Comedy Film

This fun little film stars Clara Bow and Buddy Rogers who's parents pre-ordain their marriage as children. As they get older and ...

It (1927)

"It" is a 1927 silent romantic comedy film which tells the story of a shop girl who sets her sights on the handsome and wealthy boss ...

Dancing Mothers 1926 Clara Bow

Starring: Conway Tearle Alice Joyce Clara Bow.

Clara Bow Dresses for Dinner

From Clara Bow's iconic film "It". A scene contrasting the preparations she and her romantic rival make to ready themselves for a ...

Sexy Scenes of Clara Bow from Hula, 1927

Hula is a 1927 American silent romantic comedy film directed by Victor Fleming, and based on the novel Hula, a Romance of ...

Clara Bow Talkie - Call Her Savage (1932)

Scene from Clara Bow's second to last movie.

Clara Bow - Sexuality and Censorship in Early Cinema (Includes Hoopla outtake)

Clips of Clara Bow from documentary "Why Be Good? Sexuality and Censorship in Early Cinema". Also includes an outtake from ...

Clara Bow In Color: Lost Silent Films - Fragments

Clara Bow lost silent film fragments aired on TCM on April 3, 2011. I replaced the music that was shown on the segments for ...

Josephine Baker - rare topless dance clip & lost color Clara Bow film

Just a few seconds of the amazing Josephine Baker performing, sans top, wearing ostrich plumes (circa 1927). Looks like a ...

A Tribute to Clara Bow

Clara Bow was one of the biggest stars of the silent era. Here's a slideshow tribute to the 'It' girl.

Hollywoods Lost Screen Goddess Clara Bow 01/04

BBC-Documentary about the original It-Girl Clara Bow. "On screen she was bigger than Garbo, bigger than anybody. But off the ...

Clara Bow scene from the ''IT'' 1927

Clara as always is really charming.This movie gave her the name "The It girl".Let yourself emmerge into another era...enjoy!

Film Clip - Wings (1927) - First same sex kiss in a film

The first and only silent film to win the Academy Award for Best Picture. Starring Buddy Rogers and Richard Allen. They play two ...

Clara Bow Dancing Mothers Scene 1926

Kittens Westcourt (Clara Bow) arrives unannounced at her boyfriend's place and decides to have a drink. From the 1926 film ...

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